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Expert Guide : Mastering Photoshop Smart Objects in depth !

  • if you are little familiar with Photoshop then you will don’t have any problem to take this course.
  • Well, you will need Photoshop installed in you pc or mac.

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Quiz : Quiz to refresh your knowledge !

Welcome to this course

This course will guide you and teach you about one of the coolest feature ever in Photoshop called smart objects. this course will give all the knowledge and power to be confident and master Photoshop smart objects with hands on real life practical example use case. this course have many goodies inside.

After completing this course, you will be able to !

  1. Use smart object in Photoshop as charm.
  2. Create smart objects in best way.
  3. Preserve your image quality inside photoshop.
  4. Work with illustrator files, vector objects as smart object.
  5. Use Powerful smart filters
  6. Use Displacement feature.
  7. Create an animated GIF file.
  8. Tackle any projects comes in your way with smart objects like smarty.

Materials Included :

  1. PSD files
  2. AI files
  3. PDF files
  4. JPEG files
  5. PNG files
  6. GIF files

At the end of this course you will face quiz to test your knowledge what you have learned in this course. Remember quiz is compulsory to complete .

After completing this course you will have complete knowledge of Smart objects in Photoshop. And an amazing felling about smart object .

So lets get started !

Who is the target audience?
  • Everybody who are little bit familiar with photoshop and want’s to take their skills to the next level.
  • Everybody who wants to be Photoshop smarty. and be confident that they are professional Photoshop user or graphic designer.


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