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Introductory Producing | The Business of Film & Television

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of the introductory course, you will be able to budget and schedule a 30-minute production. You will understand what is necessary to pitch a project to a production company or a television network. You will appreciate the different roles that a producer does in feature films vs. an executive producer in television.
  • First off, you will want to have a healthy creative sense of yourself and love film and or television. It will help to have a basic understanding of accounting, scheduling, contracts, and a strong desire to want to be the catalyst for creative endeavors.

Welcome to Introductory Producing.  Have you ever wondered, what does a producer do?  Or, I want to be a producer as they seem to be the ones creating incredible content.  Many directors are producers – so what would you have to learn to be a producer yourself?

This course will take you through the initial steps necessary to understand and execute a proper business plan, a budget and schedule for a half hour drama, comedy or documentary.  You will also be introduced to the concept of finding the underlying creative IP (Intellectual property) that any producer needs to create a project.

Or, you may want to be the line producer – responsible for the day to day running of the set.  Arranging for the crew, cameras, locations, transportation, meals and the myriad of details that go into every production regardless of the size of the budget.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has a desire to be in the film and television business. It is an introductory course, so no experience is necessary. But it will help anyone who is working below the line to understand what is involved in the world of creating intellectual properties and independent productions.

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